First-Step Vocational Training  Grant

Official Guidelines



Objective: To help unskilled people acquire a skill(s) that will directly lead to improved employment position and higher compensation. 

The program is only intended to help fund a first-step skill improvement.  Once the recipients complete training and find a higher paying job, they will then be better able to pay for subsequent training and further advancement.


Eligibility: Recipients must enroll in a short term vocational / technical program, culminating in a diploma or certificate that will directly lead to a better paying job. 


Payment of Grant Funds:  Grant funds will be paid directly to the institution providing the education and not to the applicant.  Payment for books and supplies may be considered. 



Grant applications will be reviewed by the Rotary Club Vocational Grant Committee who will have sole authority to fund or deny any application.



All applications become property of the Kihei-Wailea Rotary Club and will not be returned to you.




All information contained in the application will be kept confidential and will be viewed only by Selection Committee.



Click here to download application form



Please attach additional sheets as needed:


         Personal or parental  Financial Analysis & Statement: (Parental if still a dependent of parents) The statement should illustrate your need for financial assistance and the inability to meet these needs. The statement must be signed and dated.


         Community Service: List community service performed January 1, 2012 to date of application.  List average hours per week.


         Leadership and Extracurricular Activities: List your leadership roles, extracurricular activities, and the number of years involved. Include athletics, clubs, youth groups and anything else.


         Letters of Recommendation: Include up to three letters of recommendation from high school teachers,  responsible community members and/or present or past employers. The authors should not be related to you. The letters may cover your ability, work habits, leadership, personality, integrity, participation in the community in terms of work service, leadership skills and outstanding recognition. Letters must be limited to one side of a single (8.5 x 11) typed sheet, dated and signed by the author.


         Transcripts for schools attended over the past three years:  Include official, complete, current school transcript of student grades. Transcript may be a photocopy that bears the original signature of the proper school authority.



Using no more than one sheet of paper per topic, provide answers to the following topics:



Write a one-page personal essay stating your (1) educational goals, (2) career goals and (3) personal goals.


SCHOOL ACTIVITIES (within the past three years):  

Describe your school activities (clubs, music, art, theater, sports, community service, awards, honors, etc.)



Tell of your work experience:  When, where, duration, pay rate,  responsibilities and a valuable lesson learned from each position.


Describe the course of study that you wish to undertake:


         Costs and time required:


         Enrollment, payment, and starting date(s):


         Amount of money requested and who it is to be paid to:


         Expected increase in income after completion of this course:


         Prospects for employment after completing this course:


Please email your completed application and/or questions to



All terms, conditions, and availability of this program are subject to change without notice and are at the sole desecration of the Rotary Club of Kihei-Wailea



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